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Inbox Messenger


Inbox is a chatrooms app where you can talk about anything with anyone, instantly! Join chatrooms about any topic and start chatting right away, or create your own chatroom and start a conversation with friends. Debate a trending topic, organize a night out or meet new people around you - Inbox chatrooms let you do it all.Why try Inbox?
JOIN REAL-TIME CHATROOMS: Join chatrooms with your friends or the public about any topic.
MEET NEW PEOPLE: Chatrooms are open to your friends and their friends so meeting new people is fun and safe.
SEE FRIENDS ONLINE: See your friends chatting with their friends and make new friends.
100% FREE FOREVER: No SMS charges! Send a million messages all over the world on Inbox Messenger!
SEND DRAWINGS AND MORE: Send a fun drawing and watch it animate live, or personalize your photos with a doodle! Plus videos and voice messages - express yourself better!
BIG GROUP CHATS: On Inbox, you can create groups of up to 108 of your friends. Share all your favorite photos, drawings, videos, and more!
See you on Inbox!
Web: www.inboxtheapp.comEmail: info@inboxtheapp.comTwitter/Instagram/Vine: @inboxmessengerInbox: @TeamInbox